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Mt. Rushmore (SD)
Mt. Rushmore (SD)
The concessioner at Mount Rushmore set a greenhouse gas reduction goal of 50% by 2025 in support of the memorial’s designation as a climate-friendly park. On-site solar energy generation is a key part of their strategy to achieve this goal.
USA Hauling & Recycling (CT)
USA Hauling & Recycling (CT)
USA Hauling and Recycling Inc. wanted to transition to cleaner power and run its operations on solar.
Central Presbyterian Church (MO)
Central Presbyterian Church (MO)
Faced with rising electricity costs, Central Presbyterian Church sought to reduce the carbon footprint of its 100-year-old building with solar.
porsche palm springs case study
Porsche Palm Springs (CA)
One of 20 dealerships owned by indiGO Auto Group, Porsche Palm Springs needed a solar system that would make its sleek, new building as functional as it is iconic.
San Benito High School (CA)
The school was on a mission to become more environmentally conscious, reduce electricity costs and provide new educational opportunities for its students. Key Benefit: The solar carports provide shaded parking while offsetting an estimated 88% percent of the district’s electricity use. Students benefit from STEM education.
Achieving affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy with SunPower
Chevron has taken up the challenge of utilizing solar energy to support its business operations, proving commitment to its sustainable energy journey.