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Audi Seattle
Audi Seattle (WA)
Audi Seattle is embracing the transition of transportation to electric vehicles. As Audi’s leading seller of high-performance EVs, the dealership’s management team wanted to ensure its ever-expanding operations.
Fitzgerald Auto Mall Drives Savings and Sustainability with Solar Canopy
Fitzgerald Auto Mall (MD)
The 890 kW SunPower® solar canopy at Fitzgerald Auto Mall is expected to offset 83% of their electricity usage—furthering their sustainability mission and saving an estimated $5.2 million over the lifetime of the system.
Allendale rooftop solar panels
Allendale Community for Senior Living (NJ)
Over the next 25 years, the rooftop solar arrays at Allendale will offset electricity costs by approximately 78% and generate an estimated savings of $7.2 million.
New England Biolabs ground-mount solar
New England Biolabs (MA)
NEB, a leader in life sciences research, sought out solar as a way to enhance its mission and eliminate harmful carbon emissions from the local community.
Toyota Vallejo Dealership solar roof
Toyota Vallejo (CA)
LED lighting and a new solar system helped this Bay Area dealership lower costs and grow community ties.
Attleboro school district solar rooftop installation in Bristol County, Massachusetts
Attleboro School District (MA)
Saving an estimated $5.5 million over 25 years, the district offsets 75% of its energy needs with solar power generated 30 miles away.