Why SunPower’s OneRoof™ System is Quickly Becoming the Go-to for New Homes

June 18, 2020

SunPower OneRoof

Editor's Note: SunPower no longer offers the OneRoof product. 

Officially enacted on January 1, 2020, the California building code requires all new homes to include solar power as part of the state’s effort to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. Prior to the new mandate, 20-30% of new single-family homes were already built with a solar system as many builders recognized its value to homeowners. At SunPower, we have worked with builders to help install solar panels on more than 50,000 new homes and solar communities.

As solar technology continues to evolve, SunPower’s development team used its rich 35 year-history of experience to create the OneRoof™ system, a product uniquely suited for new community solar projects, like those built by California-based homebuilder KB Home. OneRoof has a first of its kind roof-integrated solar mounting system with a sleek low profile that integrates seamlessly within any tile roof. It combines a high-quality, long-lasting metal roof with built-in hardware that attaches directly to the solar modules 

Here are three ways that SunPower’s OneRoof benefits both homeowners and solar homebuilders alike: 

1. OneRoof is installed on the actual roof:

OneRoof’s interlocking metal pans replace a portion of the roofing material and are sealed directly to the roof’s protective underlayment. In this way, OneRoof is installed on the surface of the roof and contributes to its waterproof property. Moreover, with its class A fire-rating for building-integrated solar racking and wind resistance ratings, you can count on its sturdiness and durability. 

2. Perfectly suited for solar, by the best in solar:

Just as OneRoof integrates with the roof on the inside, the outside has built-in attachments to securely fasten the solar modules. This ensures the integrity of the roof while providing the freedom to use SunPower’s best-in-class solar technology. OneRoof is designed to go with SunPower’s X-series black residential modules, which provide homeowners with up to 55% more energy per square foot over 25 years than conventional panels.* Contrary to other building-integrated solar solutions, the gap between the roof surface and the solar panels enables plenty of airflow that allows the solar panels to maintain peak performance. More energy produced means reduced electricity bills over time for the homeowner. 

3. Designed specifically for new construction:

Home construction can be a challenging environment as builders strive to build with quality and efficiency, all while trying to maintain affordable prices. With many trades and workers interacting on the same job site on overlapping activities, small inefficiencies can result in costly delays. That’s why OneRoof was specifically designed to streamline a SunPower solar installation. Its flexible process and simplified steps give installers more scheduling freedom and enable them to work twice as fast as they normally would, thus helping maintain a faster pace of construction.

In short, the OneRoof™ system is a premium integrated solar roofing solution that is easy-to-install and will give new home builders a better way to meet code – all while contributing to California’s ambitious carbon-neutral goals and providing homeowners the opportunity to practice energy independence.