Introducing the EcoFlow | SunPower Energy Bundle

By:Eli Harris

December 3, 2018

Announcing a new product pairing that gives consumers off-grid backup power.

In 2016, I left a leading drone company to start EcoFlow, a company that’s dethroning the fuel generator and reinventing a way for people everywhere to access power.

We realized the need for reliable, clean, portable power for personal use extended beyond drone pilots. About six million generators are sold each year to people worldwide, many of whom rely on them as a primary energy source. But generators can be dirty, dangerous and deafening; they require fuel and emit carbon monoxide and cannot be safely used indoors. We knew there had to be a better solution. EcoFlow is producing a new generation of solar-charged portable power stations to equip consumers with clean, quiet reliable renewable energy to power their devices at home, work, or on life's adventures.

EcoFlow is thrilled to work with SunPower to offer the EcoFlow | SunPower Energy Bundle. Pairing our RIVER portable power station with the 110W SunPower® flexible solar panel was an easy choice. SunPower brings more than 30 years of experience innovating in solar technology, making them the ideal energy provider for our off-the-grid portable power solution.

The EcoFlow | SunPower Energy Bundle, which you can use to power a variety of small electronics, has a 36 percent faster solar recharge time and is 42 percent lighter than a leading competing product. Paired with the 110W SunPower flexible panel, a RIVER portable power station can charge in five to nine hours in direct sunlight.* The bundle is simple to set up, simple to understand and simple to use.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable source of backup power at home or need a way to charge your phone or camera on your next camping, boating or RV trip, the EcoFlow| SunPower Energy Bundle is a top choice for every adventure.

“We wanted a sleek, consumer-friendly energy storage solution to pair with our flexible panels that would be easy for anyone to use,” said Mike Tonsing, Senior Director of Product Marketing at SunPower. “The plug-and-play EcoFlow | SunPower Energy Bundle makes it easy for anyone to get power at the touch of a button — anywhere.”

SunPower flexible solar panels are constructed with top-grade lightweight polymer materials, so the panel weighs less than 5 pounds and is easy to transport and install. The solar panels are extremely bendable (up to 30 degrees), making them perfect for the roof of a car, the bow of a sailboat or atop an RV – almost anywhere that you need a source of clean energy.

The panels feature high efficiency solar cells and are extremely durable, making them perfect for use even in harsh weather conditions. They’ve been used to help power equipment in emergency relief efforts and in underdeveloped countries lacking access to reliable electricity. Similar versions recently powered a world-record-setting sailboat racing across the Atlantic, proof they can perform well in extreme cold, high winds and saltwater.

At EcoFlow we believe we all have to work together to build a better energy future, and SunPower’s mission to change how our world is powered makes them a perfect fit as a collaborator.

Through such collaborations, we continue to push the industry forward on social, industrial and consumer levels. For example, we are working with: utility companies to include energy storage products in rebate programs to incentivize consumers to conserve energy; community developers to include solar and energy storage systems in new homes; and EV companies to offer last-mile auxiliary battery charging to increase the value proposition of EVs over fuel combustion engines. And we’re doing research into the use of second-life batteries to make energy storage products accessible to developing markets with less purchasing power.

We hope you’ll join us in the technology transition away from fossil fuels to a cleaner future.

With the EcoFlow | SunPower Energy Bundle, the lifelong search for an outlet is over.

SunPower is the producer of the SunPower flexible panel. SunPower’s panels are manufactured, packaged and sold separately and independently from the EcoFlow portable power products. SunPower and EcoFlow are not affiliated with each other, and SunPower neither endorses nor makes any representations or warranties about EcoFlow’s products.