Matt Campbell

Vice President, Power Plant Products
SunPower's robotic solar panel cleaner gets power plant solar panels clean 20 times faster than conventional methods, increasing energy yield and reducing costs.

Solar Power Plant O&M: Robots Offer Smarter Way to Protect and Enhance Your Investment

December 3rd, 2017
SunPower has a smarter and faster way to clean solar panels: robots. This proven technology can clean 45,000 solar panels at a power plant in just 10 hours.
The Quinto solar power plant in Merced, California.

New SunPower® Oasis® Power Plant: Using Drones, Robots and Design to Optimize Solar Power Plants

September 19th, 2016
Today marks the debut of the new SunPower Oasis Power Plant: The next generation of solar power plant technology is here.