SunPower Solar Installation


Homeowners have chosen SunPower solar solutions for over 35 years for many different reasons but there’s no denying that our beautifully sleek solar arrays command attention. SunPower solar panels are built for durability and feature specially designed cells that are backed with a solid copper foundation. This leaves behind a smooth, unique light trapping surface that not only makes our solar panels highly efficient but also gives the aesthetic appearance that many homeowners have sought after.

Although COVID-19 has changed many of the processes we use for solar installations, our expansive dealer network has adapted quickly. We have migrated what once were face-to-face conversations to online communications - including virtual consultation options. Also, we’ve developed tools and procedures to improve safety standards so that we can continue our mission to change how our world is powered but do so safely.

To celebrate the resilience of our dealer network, we’d thought we would spotlight five beautiful solar installations that really stood out in 2020. 

Renova Energy


SunPower Installation by Renova


Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe this incredible solar installation by Renova Energy. This high-powered rooftop display ties in seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of the California home it sits on top of. Featuring our fully black solar panels to set the tone, the homeowner is able to generate highly efficient solar energy to offset needs like the swimming pool. All together this SunPower solar system is sized at just over 32 kW.

GreenLogic LLC


SunPower Installation by GreenLogic


This beautiful home in Sag Harbor, New York was built with solar in mind. The architect wanted to fully integrate solar energy into the home. The results included all-black inset solar arrays that SunPower dealer GreenLogic Energy helped coordinate and install.

Freedom Solar


SunPower Installation by Freedom Solar


These SunPower solar panels are sure to grab the attention of Texans in Laredo with just one glance. Children of the 80’s and video game fans will appreciate this inspired design, which was installed by SunPower by Freedom Solar in Texas at the request of a good-spirited homeowner. With their 9.9 kW solar system, this home will be ready to endure any space invasion that may come their way.

Tayco Solar & Electric


SunPower Installation by Tayco Solar


SunPower dealer Tayco Solar & Electric has been proudly showing off this glossy number on their social media profiles for a good reason. The all-black solar array has no conduit or visible racking, leaving behind an absolutely flawless appearance. With their eco-friendly benefits and low profile, the solar panels on this contemporary home in Charlotte, North Carolina are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Berger Solar Electric


SunPower Installation by Berger Solar


This homeowner in Bishop, California was looking to achieve energy independence. With multiple trees around the home, SunPower dealer Berger Solar Electric took on the job to find the best location for maximum generation. Multiple facing solar arrays on separate buildings were just the trick to not only power the home but the homeowner’s electric vehicle as well. To maintain aesthetics, the solar installer concealed conduits and wires on the 16 kW SunPower solar system. The level of design is the standard of quality homeowners have come to expect from the SunPower dealer network.

With the world’s best solar + storage solutions backed by an industry leading warranty, it’s no wonder more homeowners are turning to SunPower for their solar energy needs. And with our specially trained SunPower dealers, homeowners can trust they will receive top notch design expertise and service throughout their entire installation process.

To get started going solar with SunPower, homeowners can view our guide on how to choose a solar installer or fill out our online form to get in touch


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