SunPower's executive leadership team.

Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs alike are investigating selling solar as a compliment to their existing capabilities and expertise.  

What’s driving this interest? It makes good business sense. Solar is a booming industry. With installation costs down by more than 70 percent over the last decade, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar is being widely adopted and propelled into new markets.

With the solar industry generating a $17 billion investment in the American economy in 2018, according to SEIA, it’s easy to see why solar is experiencing an average annual growth rate of 50 percent.

If you’re looking to grow your business selling solar panels, consider working with SunPower, a company with more than three decades of experience innovating in solar technology. We’re invested in creating a strong dealer network that delivers solar solutions that help home and business owners save money and live more sustainability.

As we’re seeking to expand our network of installing and non-installing dealers, we’ve refined how we deliver leads. Just last quarter participating dealers reported getting more than a third of their business via SunPower-generated pre-scheduled appointments. If you're an independent energy consultant, you'll be happy to know SunPower does NOT charge financing fees, and our baseline includes any necessary panel upgrades. So, if you’re looking to increase your profits, check out our Top 5 reasons to consider becoming a SunPower dealer.

SunPower Makes the Most Efficient and Durable Solar Panels

SunPower® solar panels are the most durable and efficient you can buy1. Our Maxeon® solar cell technology combines a solid copper backing with ultra-pure silicon and a light-trapping glass surface that ultimately makes our panels 35 percent more efficient at generating energy than conventional panels.2  In addition, we just released the A-Series, the world’s first 400- and 415-watt solar panels — the highest wattage home panels on the market. We’re so confident in the quality of our products, we back them up with our Complete Confidence Warranty, a 25-year warranty for product and performance, all serviced by one company.

We Offer our Dealers Extensive Support

SunPower dealers can tap into an array of resources that make selling solar easy. From sales and technical support to product training and solar financing options, we offer solutions for every stage of the consideration and buying process, including digital tools that dealers can use to sell (and close) at the kitchen table. (Watch this video to see what the process is like with a salesperson and a homeowner.)

Plus, our Preferred Vendor Services allow us to help negotiate better deals on the things you need to run your business. Web services, HR, insurance, vehicle wraps, you name it. If you’re buying it, others probably are too. We can help leverage the purchasing power of our dealer channel so that we can all win (and save money).

Marketing Tools to Help Boost Sales and Gain Brand Visibility

Looking to co-brand? We can do that. Want help getting leads and setting appointments? We can do that too. Considering a referral program or strategic partner? We’ve got your back.  Need branded apparel, merchandise and other tools to help market your company? You guessed it, SunPower helps with that too. We also offer dealer funds that can be used toward SunPower courses or merchandise.

Digital and In-Person Training Sessions

We touched on training already, but it warrants further attention. SunPower has a team of highly trained, safety-focused, product and sales experts who exist to help dealers become better at anything solar. We believe that as we invest in you and your company, we will grow a more sustainable business model.

Each year hundreds of our dealers attend our annual three-day sales, technical and marketing training conference. Dealers attend in-depth learning sessions, hear inspirational presentations from our executive leadership team and get one-on-one time with subject matter experts who host a popular product expo featuring our latest technology. Don’t worry, there’s some fun included too, with great food and live entertainment.

Can’t make it to the conference? We bring mini-trainings to your door. We just wrapped up the SunPower Equinox Roadshow, a national tour of 14 cities, and we’re planning another tour in 2020. Of course all year long there are plenty of virtual learning opportunities available online at SunPower University, which offers custom sales, design and installation courses. We also produce our own technical training video series on YouTube.

Partner with a Solar Company That’s Here to Stay

Rounding out Top 5 reasons to work with SunPower list is the peace of mind consumers and dealers get when they choose SunPower, one of the largest residential solar brands in the United States and the No. 1 U.S. commercial solar provider.3 We’ve seen a lot in our almost 35 years in business and have more than 1,000 global patents to prove our commitment to investing and innovating in the solar industry. Shouldn’t you choose to sell SunPower?

Want to grow your business? Email or sign up to get more information on becoming a SunPower dealer.

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1 Based on datasheet review of websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of May, 2019.

2 SunPower 400 W, 22.6% efficient, compared to a Conventional Panel on same-sized arrays (280 W multi, 17% efficient, approx. 1.64 m²).

3 SunPower ranked #1 in capacity for in 2017 and 2018, Wood Mackenzie (formerly known as GTM), March 2019