Fort Churchill Solar Project is a planned 19.9 megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant

The Fort Churchill Solar Project

New Jobs, Local Revenue and Clean Energy for Lyon County

Solar Project Facts

Fort Churchill Solar is a planned 19.9 megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant in Lyon County. Over the course of construction, the project will create approximately 100 solar jobs, contribute upwards of $2 million in revenue for local businesses and create enough clean, solar energy to serve nearly 12,000 Nevada homes.


Location: Lyon County, Nevada
Capacity: 19.9 megawatts
Operator: Sierra Pacific Power company d/b/a NV Energy
Design/Construction: SunPower
Technology: SunPower® C7 Tracker



Construction Start: Mid-2014 pending regulatory and county approvals
Jobs Created: Approx. 100
Equivalent No. of Homes Powered: Approx. 12,0001

  • 1. NV Energy estimates that 1 MW of power will supply enough energy for approximately 600 Nevada homes.

About the Fort Churchill Solar Project

SunPower Corporation is the developer of the project, as well as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor. The project is being built with SunPower® C7 Tracker advanced concentrating photovoltaic technology and will operate emissions-free for 25 years.

Solar Economic Benefits

  • Approximately 100 solar jobs created during 8-month construction period
  • $1.3 million to $2 million in construction revenue for local businesses
  • Additional indirect local economic stimulus from project construction

Solar Environmental Benefits

  • High-efficiency solar panels and tracking technology optimize land use1
  • Generation of clean, emissions-free solar electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 12,000 Nevada households
  • Avoidance of more than 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year—the equivalent of removing almost 6,400 cars from the road2
  • “Light-on-land” construction and operation practices avoid adverse environmental impacts

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The Fort Churchill Solar Project