SunPower C1 Tracker

Combined with the SunPower® high efficiency solar panels, the SunPower C1 Tracker sets a new standard of energy efficiency for solar power plants. The SunPower C1 Tracker produces more solar energy per acre. Proprietary tracking algorithms maximize solar plant capacity factor and produce up to 25% more energy than fixed-tilt systems.

Smart Inverter

An essential part of any solar power plant, the Oasis Inverter is designed to maximize energy yield in multi-megawatt utility-scale solar installations. The smart inverter for the Oasis solar power plant features voltage ride-through, curtailment control and solar reactive power, enhancing grid interoperability for PV power plants. 

Standard DC Electrical

SunPower can help drive down the balance of system costs for your solar energy plant. We designed the electrical and mechanical layout of the power block to minimize field wiring and reduce the cost of labor and installation.

Tracker Monitoring and Control

Precise controls built into the SunPower® Tracker Monitoring and Control System (TMAC™) increases the energy produced by your solar power plant. Advanced controls can anticipate storm conditions and protect the array from storm conditions. A secure Internet connection provides easy, remote access for increased operating efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. 


The intuitive SCADA system enables utility-scale solar power plant owners to visualize the operation of their PV solar arrays. In addition to rapid commissioning and historical data reports, the information delivered by the SunPower SCADA provides the visibility to better manage your energy output and helps to ensure your solar power plant meets grid requirements by maximizing system availability.