Utility Scale Solar, Simplified

The SunPower® Oasis® Power Plant has dramatically simplified large-scale solar.

A typically time-consuming, complicated process has been streamlined with our modular Oasis power blocks.

SunPower Oasis Power Blocks enable fast rapid solar deployment

A Finely Tuned System

The SunPower Oasis power plant is a fully-integrated solution built with cost-optimized power blocks seamlessly integrated into a turnkey energy solution. High-density, SunPower power blocks are designed to maximize energy output and follow the contours of your land for optimal energy production.

Oasis Accelerates Energy Delivery

SunPower Oasis Power Plants accelerate energy delivery

Lower LCOE through Robotic Cleaning

  • 75% Less Water - Only 1/4 liter of water used per panel vs. more than 1 liter of water per panel using manual cleaning methods.
  • 10x Faster and Scalable - 5 MWdc cleaned in one ten-hour shift with a two-person, four robot team vs. 0.5 MWdc for the same size team, in the same time frame using manual cleaning methods.
  • Cleans at Night - Avoids disruption during daytime energy-producing hours.
Robotic cleaning helps optimize the performance of solar power plants

Lowest Annual System Output Degradation

The most comprehensive degradation study ever done: More than 800,000 panels from over 400 monitored inverters across 144 sites* 

  • *. Romero, Ralph, et al. “Review of SunPower Fleet-Wide System Degradation Study using Year-over-Year Performance Index Analysis,”  Black & Veatch Eng., Nov. 2012.
SunPower solar power plants have the lowest system degridation
SunPower Oasis Solar Power Blocks are configurable to your site

Modular Design

Oasis 1.5-MW Power Blocks come in a variety of configurations yet maintain standardization in engineering, procurement and installation.

SunPower Oasis Components:

  • SunPower C1 Single-Axis Tracker
  • Smart Inverter Station
  • Standard DC Electrical
  • SunPower Tracker Monitoring and Control System
SunPower has proven worldwide solar power plant expereince

Proven Worldwide Experience

SunPower has designed and installed solar power plants all around the world.

  • Over 1.5 GW of Oasis C1 systems operating, in construction, or under contract
  • Over 1 GW of trackers in commercial operation
  • Over $6 billion of financed projects with SunPower trackers
  • Investment-grade rating (Aa2) for Montalto Power Plant from Moody’s*

Utility-scale projects featuring the SunPower Oasis Power Plant include:

  • 579 MW Solar Star Projects
  • 250 MW California Valley Solar Ranch
  • 72 MW Montalto Power Plant in Italy
  • *. Investment grade rating for Montalto project bond, Italy, Dec 2010.
SunPower solar power plants offer 99% availability

Plant Availability: 99%

In data collected between June 2009 and June 2012, SunPower utility scale power plants delivered more than 99% availability,* ensuring that our utility power plant customers get the energy delivery they expect from their solar power plant.


  • *. 284MW monitored across 16 SunPower Plants Source: BEW/DNV Engineering, "Availability Evaluation Report," Jan 2013.  Requires on-site O&M staff.

SunPower® Oasis® Power Plant