Utility Scale Solar, Simplified

The SunPower® Oasis® Power Plant has dramatically simplified large-scale solar.

A typically time-consuming, complicated process has been streamlined with our modular Oasis power blocks.

A Finely Tuned System

The SunPower Oasis power plant is a fully-integrated solution built with cost-optimized power blocks seamlessly integrated into a turnkey energy solution. High-density, SunPower power blocks are designed to maximize energy output and follow the contours of your land for optimal energy production.

Oasis Accelerates Energy Delivery
Robotic Cleaning Increases Performance
  • 90% Less Water - Only ½ cup of water used per panel  Vs. 5 cups of water per panel using manual cleaning methods.
  • 75% Faster - Six megawatts cleaned in one eight-hours shift with a three-person team vs. 24 hours for the same size team using manual cleaning methods.
  • Cleans at Night - Avoid disruption during daytime energy-producing hours.
Lowest Annual System Output Degradation

The most comprehensive degradation study ever done: More than 800,000 panels from over 400 monitored inverters across 144 sites* 

  • *. Romero, Ralph, et al. “Review of SunPower Fleet-Wide System Degradation Study using Year-over-Year Performance Index Analysis,”  Black & Veatch Eng., Nov. 2012.
Modular Design

Oasis 1.5-MW Power Blocks come in a variety of configurations yet maintain standardization in engineering, procurement and installation.

SunPower Oasis Components:

  • SunPower C1 Single-Axis Tracker
  • Smart Inverter Station
  • Standard DC Electrical
  • SunPower Tracker Monitoring and Control System
Proven Worldwide Experience

SunPower has designed and installed solar power plants all around the world.

  • Over 1.5 GW of Oasis C1 systems operating, in construction, or under contract
  • Over 1 GW of trackers in commercial operation
  • Over $6 billion of financed projects with SunPower trackers
  • Investment-grade rating (Aa2) for Montalto Power Plant from Moody’s*

Utility-scale projects featuring the SunPower Oasis Power Plant include:

  • 579 MW Solar Star Projects
  • 250 MW California Valley Solar Ranch
  • 72 MW Montalto Power Plant in Italy
  • *. Investment grade rating for Montalto project bond, Italy, Dec 2010.
Plant Availability: 99%

In data collected between June 2009 and June 2012, SunPower utility scale power plants delivered more than 99% availability,* ensuring that our utility power plant customers get the energy delivery they expect from their solar power plant.


  • *. 284MW monitored across 16 SunPower Plants Source: BEW/DNV Engineering, "Availability Evaluation Report," Jan 2013.  Requires on-site O&M staff.