Why Do More Homeowners Choose SunPower?
  • Produce More Juice

    Seeing just how much juice they are producing is pretty exciting for the McKone-Sweets

    Click the photo to meet the McKone-Sweet family. He is an Episcopal priest, she is a college professor. They and their kids are pretty excited to have SunPower® High Efficiency Panels on their roof. More
  • Highest Efficiency

    SunPower® High Efficiency Panels are the Perfect Fit for the Amato Family

    As an architect specializing in green building and construction, Rebecca Amato planned to install a solar energy system on her home. Faced with limited roof space she knew SunPower high efficiency solar panels were a must. More
  • Best Design

    Quality and Aesthetics Paramount for Long Island Homeowners

    When Edmund and Pat Hayes began researching a solar energy system for their home, they were looking for a solar panel produced by a reputable company. And since their solar energy system would be on the front of their home, it also needed to blend seamlessly with their roof. More
  • Highest Quality

    SunPower® Solar System Separates Home from the Rest of the Pack

    When the Case family was looking for a second home they had many options to choose from. What made the home they ultimately purchased stand out from the rest?—the SunPower solar system. More
  • Salt Lake City Solar Installation

    Greatest Return

    Homeowners Save on Electric Bill, Living and Driving on Sunshine

    A SunPower solar system on a Salt Lake City home helps homeowners reduce their electric bill. David Hopkins and Teri Jensen drive and live green powering their house appliances and their Electric Vehicle with a SunPower Solar System. More
  • Solar Communities

    Boulder, Colorado Homeowner Reduces Her Carbon Footprint with Award-Winning SunPower® Solar System

    Colorado homeowner Kate Frazier doesn’t have many bad days. But when they happen, she handles them in an unusual, but effective, way. She takes a look at her electric meter, which sometimes goes backwards. More


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