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This special program was designed specifically for Princeton University faculty, staff and retirees to utilize solar power, a renewable energy source to reduce carbon emissions, save money on utility bills and meet a significant portion of home electricity needs.

SunPower makes it easy to go solar.

What is the Princeton University Employee Solar Program?

As part of Princeton's commitment to build a clean energy future, the University is working with SunPower to install a large solar collector field on University property to supply electricity for the campus. SunPower is offering a program for staff, faculty and retirees to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy generated from solar power.

The Employee Solar Program offers several benefits, including educational information; financial incentives, including a rebate from SunPower, solar energy incentives and/or credits offered through various federal, state and/or local programs; and assistance for obtaining permits and arranging financing. Download a PDF summary of this Solar Program here.



All Princeton University faculty, staff and retirees in participating Dealer coverage areas who own a home are eligible for this program.

Financial Benefits

There are many reasons to go solar today. SunPower offers participants a rebate of up to $1,500 on the purchase, or $500 on the lease1, of a SunPower solar system. With federal, state and local solar rebates, you can save up to 50% off the cost of your system. SunPower can also provide you with information about financing your solar installation.

1SunPower lease not available in all states. Talk with your local SunPower dealer for more information.
2To be eligible, you must be the owner of the home and have a SunPower dealer in your local area, who participates in the rebate program.

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