Energy Independence

Building our communities, protecting our nation and enriching our future, all on a tight budget. It takes a lot of energy. SunPower can help. Our solar energy solutions allow leading state, local and federal government agencies to cut costs and switch to secure, affordable, renewable energy.

SunPower solar panels produce more energy in low light, even at sunset

The Right Renewable Energy Solution for Your Community

Whether you serve a community of 300 or a nation of 300 million, you are likely faced with reduced budgets, strict new environmental mandates, and increasingly volatile energy rates. Our dedicated team of Government experts is ready to help.

SunPower serves public entities of all sizes, from city governments and state agencies to the Department of Defense. SunPower proudly helps to power the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and many Veterans Affairs facilities across the U.S.

Compete solar panel solutions for commercial buildings

The Power of OneTM

The SunPower® Helix™ platform is designed to be beautifully simple: From solar cells to software, each system is designed to interact perfectly, delivering powerful results and exceptional value. One unified vision. One revolutionary solar platform. Introducing Helix from SunPower.


Our Policy Is to Know Policy

On any government project, every decision must be informed by a deep understanding of the latest policies and regulations. That’s especially true with solar. Rules and rebates are constantly changing and can have an immediate impact on any financing decision.

The U.S. Navy wanted to build a solar power system at the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. After working closely with policy experts at SunPower, the Navy was able to craft the first 20-year Federal PPA, reducing costs by an estimated $13 million over the next 20 years.

SunPower government solar financing options: lease, PPA, cash purchase

Tight Budget? Many Options.

Untangling solar financing options can be tricky. We are committed to working with you to analyze all the options, whether you’re considering a cash purchase, leasing a system, or opting for a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Bond measures, incentives, and rebate programs can also help you maximize your ROI.

Our team will help you find the best solution to fit your budget and maximize your return.

Our deep Government experience allows us to navigate and comply with government contracting hurdles. 

Government Agencies Choose SunPower Solar

Solar Energy Projects for Government and Military