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Education budgets aren’t what they used to be. We can help by locking down energy rates and locking-in long term savings. And who knows, solar from SunPower might just transform the lives of your students, too. 

SunPower panels installed at West Sonoma High School

A Textbook Example

Reducing energy costs, inspiring students, modernizing curricular program… that’s a lot to ask of a solar company. SunPower has the solution.

We started by combining our record-breaking solar panels with a team of solar experts whose goal is to ensure your campus gets a beautiful solar installation combined with financing options that are designed to save money on energy costs.

Next we invested in classroom curriculum, internships and education partnerships that allow you to turn your solar project into a hands on teaching tool.

When you put it all together, SunPower offers a complete solar solution that aligns our mission of changing the way our world is powered with your mission of educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Education Success Stories

Compete solar panel solutions for commercial buildings

The Power of OneTM

The SunPower® Helix™ platform is designed to be beautifully simple: From solar cells to software, each system is designed to interact perfectly, delivering powerful results and exceptional value. One unified vision. One revolutionary solar platform. Introducing Helix from SunPower.

SunPower offer solar curriculum and educational services

Not Just an Installation. A Laboratory.

SunPower offers a wide range curricula, internships, and partnerships designed to spark students' curiosity in science and technology - ultimately giving them tools they need for success in any academic pursuit.

Students in grades K-12 are eligible to participate in our STEM Curriculum Program, leading-edge learning modules developed in collaboration with Project Lead the Way.

We also offer a week-long solar internship program for high schoolers, teacher training for high school and community college educators, and a variety of opportunities for students of all ages to interact with a global network of solar energy experts through guest lectures, webinars, and field trips.

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Tight Budget? Many Options.

Our team will work with you to determine the best financing option for your project. We are experts at analyzing cash, Power Purchase (PPA), lease, or bond financing options. Every project is different and we can partner with you to determine the best financing option for your financial goals.

When financed correctly, many K12 districts have found solar to be a powerful cost cutting option. By dramatically reducing district energy costs, a solar solution can free up significant budget from your district’s operating fund. What’s more, because solar is a capital improvement project, unique funding options provide the rare opportunity for general fund savings from a capital project.

Solar Powered Schools and Colleges