See how much you can save with 30 years of solar innovation on your roof.

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30 Years of Experience
Demand Better Solar™

We push the boundaries every day, so you can have better solar in your life.

SunPower Solar 101
SunPower Equinox™

The only all-in-one, complete home solar system.

SunPower Helix for Commercial
SunPower Helix™

The world's first fully-integrated commercial solar platform.

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Design Philosophy in Motion

Like our holistic end-to-end design, SunPower makes going solar simple.
No more piecemeal parts. No more time-consuming, on-roof manual wiring.
Just one elegantly designed system with the best solar panels in the world. 

Solar panel customers are saving money powering their homes
solar panel powered customer

Solar customers are making a better tomorrow and enjoying savings today.

“The efficiency of the solar panels and seeing how much solar energy our home really did generate was the most surprising. It’s exciting to get an electrical bill every month and see a zero!”

- Rebecca, California SunPower Customer

Home, Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar